Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2024 – Timings, Ticket Prices, Winners List

Nehru trophy boat race 2024 in Kerala

Kerala is famous among tourists for its martial sports, Kathakali, and boat races. Among these, the Nehru Trophy Boat Race stands out as one of the most widely celebrated water sports events held during the monsoon period on the topmost lakes and backwaters of Kerala. Each boat race in Kerala carries its own unique story of origin, combined with mythological tales and rich traditions.

Historically, boat races were initiated as a means to resolve disputes between former kings and chiefs and have since become a significant part of temple celebrations organized by religious groups. As the monsoon rains begin to grace “God’s Own Country,” Kerala comes alive with the excitement of the Snake Boat Races offering a beautiful view of swaying palm groves, lovely lakes, and variety of water life. Are you planning a trip to Kerala? Have you ever witnessed the beauty of a snake boat race? How does the idea of experiencing Kerala’s vibrant monsoon festivities sound to you?

What is Snake Boat Race?

Snake Boat race in Kerala
Traditional boat race held annually

The Snake Boat Race in Kerala (also known as Kerala Boat Race) is more than just a sport; It represents the joy and unity of the people, expressing their communal spirit. It is a celebration of gratefulness towards nature, thanking both land and water for prosperity and happiness.

The snake boats, or ‘Chundan vallams‘ in Malayalam, are about 100 feet long and can hold up to 150 men. Each boat features a team of navigators, singers, and rowers who move in perfect harmony while singing the ‘Vanchipattu,’ creating an exhilarating festive atmosphere. Have you ever seen such a grand celebration on water? Can you imagine the thrill of witnessing these massive boats competing?

History of Nehru Trophy Boat Race?

History of Nehru trophy boat race in Kerala
every boat team getting ready to go

The race’s history dates back to the visit of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, India’s first Prime Minister, to Alappuzha. During his trip from Kottayam to Alappuzha by boat through the water-logged Kuttanad, a parade of boats accompanied him. The first race was conducted in 1952 in his honor, and the Nadubhagam Chundan appeared awesome.

Thrilled by the performance of the oarsmen, Nehru jumped into the Nadubhagam Chundan, an unexpected act that demonstrated his excitement. Upon returning to Delhi, he donated a silver trophy, a replica of a snake boat on a wooden abacus, which bears the inscription above his signature. This marked the inception of the Nehru Trophy Boat Race.

Competition and Festivities:

Festivals of Nehru trophy boat race
Cultural Celebrations Around Nehru Trophy

The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is the most competitive and popular of the boat races in Kerala. Apart from the Chundan Vallams, various other categories of boats participate, including Churulan Vallam, Iruttukuthy Vallam, Odi Vallam, Veppu Vallam (Vaipu Vallam), Vadakkanody Vallam, and Kochu Vallam. The race is known for its electrifying atmosphere, with nearly 100-foot-long boats competing to the rhythm of traditional boat songs, creating an unforgettable experience.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2024 Schedule:

Mark your calendars for the Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2024, which will be held on the second Saturday of August. The event lasts all day, featuring prelims in the morning and finals in the afternoon, along with cultural shows and authentic local food for spectators to enjoy.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2024 Venue:

This famous race will take place on the Punnamada Lake in the heart of Alappuzha, known as the “Venice of the East” for its beautiful backwaters and canals. This easily accessible venue, perfect for the thrilling event, draws throngs of both domestic and international visitors.

Nehru Trophy Boat Race Winners List (1952-2023):

Nehru trophy boat race Winners
Champions of Nehru Trophy Boat Race

It’s an intense battle, and taking home the Nehru Trophy is a great source of pride. The winning team receives the Nehru Trophy and a significant amount of money each year. The government and a number of organizations fund the prize money, which changes every year.

A variety of snake boats, each representing a different village and competing for the prized award and its associated glory, are listed as the victors. Please check the below details for the winners’ list of this race from 1952 to 2023.

2023VeeyapuramAllen MoonnutaikkalPallathuruthy Boat Club,Alappuzha
2022Mahadevikaad Kaatil ThekkethilSanthosh ChackoPallathuruthy Boat Club,Alappuzha
2019NadubhagomPallathuruthy Boat ClubNarayanan kutty N Udayan
2018PayippadanPallathurthy Boat ClubShri. James Kutty Jacob
2017Gabriel ChundanThuruthipuram Boat ClubOommen Jacob
2016KarichalVembanad boat clubJameskutty Jacob
2015Jawahar ThayankariVembanad boat clubJameskutty Jacob
2014Champakkulam ChundanUnited Boat Club, KainakaryGeorge Thomas
2013Sri GaneshanSt Francis Boat Club, HarippadArun Kumar
2012Sri GaneshanFreedom Boat Club, KainakaryJiji Jacob Pollayil
2010Jawahar ThayangariKumarakom Town Boat ClubMonapan Charvacheril
2009ChampakulamJesus Boat Club , KollamJiJi Jacob Pollayil, Thottuvathala P.O, Kainakary
2008KarichalJesus Boat Club , KollamJiJi Jacob Pollayil, Thottuvathala P.O, Kainakary
2007Payippad snakeboatKumarakom Town Boat ClubKunjumon Meluvallil
2006Payippad snakeboatKumarakom Town Boat ClubRaju Vadakkath
2005Payippad snakeboatKumarakom Town Boat ClubRaju Vadakkath
2004Cheruthana ChundanKumarakom Town Boat ClubRaju Vadakkathu, Kumarakam P.O
2003KarichalNavajeevan Boat Club, ManiyaparampuThampi Podippara
2002VellamkulangaraKumarakom Boat ClubSunny Jacob
2001KarichalFriends Boat Club, Chennamkari&VenattukadTobin Chandy, Kalathilparambil
2000KarichalAlappuzha Boat ClubBency Randu Thacikal
1999AlappadanTown Boat Club, KumarakomSambath Kaniyamparambil
1998ChampakulamPallathuruty Boat ClubDominic Kuzhimattam
1997AlappadanNavajeevan Boat Club, ArpookkaraK.P.Paul
1996ChampakulamAlappuzha Town Boat ClubAnil Madhavan
1995ChampakulamAlappuzha Town Boat ClubJose John , Velamparambil
1994ChampakulamJet Airways BoatClub,Cochin Antony AckarakalamCochin Antony Ackarakalam
1993KalloparambanUnited Boat Club, KainakaryC.V.Vijayan, Mampalathu chira
1992ChampakulamUnited Boat Club, KainakaryA.K.Lalasan, Alumparambu
1991ChampakulamUnited Boat Club, KainakaryA.K.Lalasan, Alumparambu
1990ChampakulamUnited Boat Club, KainakaryA.K.Lalasan, Alumparambu
1989ChampakulamUnited Boat Club, KainakaryA.K.Lalasan, Alumparambu
1988VellamkulangaraPallathuruty Boat ClubT.P.Rajbhavan
1987KarichalVillage Boat Club , KainakarySunny Ackarakalam
1986KarichalVillage Boat Club , KainakarySunny Ackarakalam
1985Javahar ThayamkariFriends Boat Club, Chennamkari&VenattukadP.C.Joseph, Pathilchira
1984KarichalKumarakom Boat ClubNellanickal Pappachan
1983KarichalKumarakom Boat ClubNellanickal Pappachan
1982KarichalKumarakom Boat ClubNellanickal Pappachan
1981Winners Not declared
1980KarichalPullengadi Boat ClubRamachadran
1979Ayaparambu ValiyaDivanji United Boat Club, KainakaryRaviprakash Muttel
1978Javahar ThayamkariThayamkari Boat ClubK.S.Varghese, Kollamparambil , Kavalackal
1977Javahar ThayamkariThayamkari Boat ClubK.S.Varghese, Kollamparambil , Kavalackal
1976KarichalUnited Boat Club, KainakaryP.K.Thankappan, Puthen Pura
1975KarichalFriends Boat Club, Chennamkari&VenattukadP.C.Joseph, Pathilchira
1974KarichalFriends Boat Club, Chennamkari&VenattukadNellanickal Pappachan
1973KalloparambanKumarakom Boat ClubNellanickal Pappachan
1972KalloparambanKumarakom Boat ClubNellanickal Pappachan
1971Kalloparamban / PulincunnuKumarakom Boat Club / Pulincunnu Boat ClubNellanickal Pappachan / Chackamma Kannottuthara
1970KalloparambanUnited Boat ClubKainakary Antony Varghese, Valiyaveettil
1969PulincunnuPulincunnu Boat ClubC.C.Chacko, Chirayil
1968ParthasarathiUnited Boat Club,KainakaryP.K.Thankappan, Puthen Pura
1967PulincunnuPulincunnu Boat ClubThommichan Paruthikkal
1966PulincunnuPulincunnu Boat ClubThommichan Paruthikkal
1965ParthasarathiUnited Boat Club, KainakaryP.K.Thankappan, Puthen Pura
1964St.GeorgeUnited Boat Club, KainakaryP.K.Thankappan, Puthen Pura
1963GeargoseUnited Boat Club, KainakaryP.K.Thankappan, Puthen Pura
1962KavalamKavalam Boat clubT.J.Jobe (Iyyochan) Thattasseril
1961NapoleonPonga Boat ClubCherian Joseph (Pooppally Kuttappan)
1960KavalamKavalam Boat clubMathachan Pallivathuckal
1959NapoleonPonga Boat ClubCherian Joseph (Pooppally Kuttappan)
1958Napoleon / KavalamPonga Boat Club / Kavalam Boat clubCherian Joseph (Pooppally Kuttappan) /
 T.J. Jobe (Iyyochan) Thattasseril
1957NapoleonPonga Boat ClubCherian Joseph (Pooppally Kuttappan)
1956KavalamKavalam TeamThomman Joseph, Kochupurackal
1955ParthasarathiN.S.S.Karayogam NedumudyK.G.Raghavan Nair
1954KavalamKavalam TeamThomman Joseph, Kochupurackal
1952NadubhagomNadubhagom Boat ClubChacko Mappila Mathu Mappila , Payyanad

Nehru Trophy Boat Race Ticket Prices:

Nehru trophy boat race ticket pricing
Ticket Categories and Prices

Tickets for the event can be purchased in advance or on the day of the race. Typically, ticket prices range from Rs. 100 to Rs. 3000, accommodating a wide range of budgets.

Category Price 
Tourist Gold (Nehru Pavilion)-island Separate Chair Accessibility through BoatsRs. 3000/-
Tourist Silver (Nehru Pavilion)-island Separate Chair Accessibility through BoatsRs. 2500/-
Rose Corner (Separate Chair)Rs. 1000/-
Victory Line (Wooden Gallery)Rs. 500/- 
All View (Wooden Gallery)Rs. 300/-
Lake View (Wooden Gallery)Rs. 200/- 
Lawn Rs. 100/-

Important Notes:

  • You can purchase a maximum of 5 tickets per person.
  • Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis; organizers are not responsible if you do not get a seat.
  • Parking space is available for vehicles at the Municipal Stadium, north of Zillah Court Bridge.
  • Ensure to reach the boat jetty by 11:00 am and present your tickets at both the boat jetty entrance and the Pavilion entrance.

Step-by-Step Guide to Booking Nehru Trophy Boat Race Tickets:

  • Visit the official Nehru Trophy website.
  • Navigate to the homepage and select the booking option for the event.
  • Choose your preferred seating venue to watch the race.
  • Click on the “BOOK” button.
  • Complete the payment process and download your receipt for confirmation.

How to Reach:

To reach the Nehru Trophy Boat Race, you have several convenient options:

By Flight:

The nearest international airport is Cochin International Airport at approximately 85 km.

By Train:

Alleppey Railway Station is the nearest railway station at approximately 6 km.

By Road:

You can also opt to travel by private car, cab, or bus via the National Highways that connect Cochin to major cities across India.

Hotels/Resorts near Nehru Trophy Boat Race:

Hotels-near-Nehru Trophy Boat Race

Please check the below list of hotels/resorts conveniently located near the Nehru Trophy Boat Race, ensuring a comfortable stay amidst the excitement and festivities.

  • Nova Holidays
  • Sterling Lake Palace Alleppey
  • Ramada by Wyndham Alleppey
  • Punnamada Resort
  • Palmgrove Lake Resort
  • Bamboo Lagoon Backwater Front Resort
  • Uday Backwater Resort
  • Palmy Lake Resort
  • Motty’s Homestay
  • Venice Iva Residency
  • Ashtamudi Homestay
  • Venezia Resorts
  • Keraleeyam Ayurvedic Resort
  • Royale Park
  • Treebo Tryst Palmyra Milford
  • OYO 1975 Hotel Arcadia Regency
  • Kayaloram Heritage Lake Resort
  • Kuttichira Heritage Home
  • Paloma Backwater Resorts
  • Pooppallys Heritage Home
  • Mira’s PMC Lakeshore Resort
  • Time Square Boutique Hotel
  • OYO 1890 A J Park
  • Alleppey Beach Bay Resort
  • Hotel Grand Alleppey
  • Aramana Holiday Inn
  • Oceana Hills Residency
  • OYO 9417 Seaside Residency
  • Classic Regency
  • Rosa Mystica Beach Resort

Highlights of Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2024:

DatesAugust 10, 2024
LocationPunnamada Lake, near Alappuzha, Kerala
TimingsFrom 1:30 p.m. onwards
EditionThe 70th Nehru Trophy Boat Race
Ticket PricesClick Here
Nearest AirportCochin International Airport 
Nearest Railway StationAlleppey Railway station 

Ready to plan your visit?

The enjoyment and anticipation of the Nehru Trophy Boat Race 2024 continue to remain when the curtains are drawn close. Have you seen the amazing race of the royal snake boats? The event gives a breathtaking experience among the lovely Punnamada Lake in addition to demonstrating Kerala’s rich cultural heritage.

When you return the next year, make plans to take part in the colorful celebrations. Will you travel with us on this unique experience on Kerala’s waters? Don’t miss this unique chance to see heritage and sport combine into one amazing show.

Image Credit: Kerala Tourism


When is the Nehru Trophy Boat Race held?

The Nehru Trophy Boat Race is typically held on the second Saturday of August every year.

Where does the Nehru Trophy Boat Race take place?

The race takes place on Punnamada Lake in Alappuzha (Alleppey), Kerala.

How can I buy tickets for the Nehru Trophy Boat Race?

Tickets can be purchased at the venue on the day of the event or through authorized online platforms.

Is there parking available near the venue?

Yes, designated parking areas are available near Punnamada Lake for spectators.

Are there food stalls and amenities available at the venue?

Yes, there are food stalls offering local delicacies and basic amenities like restrooms.

Can I bring cameras and video recorders to capture the event?

Yes, personal cameras and video recorders are allowed for capturing memorable moments.

Are there any cultural performances or events along with the boat race?

Yes, cultural performances and traditional music are part of the event festivities.

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